How To Show Respect To Your New York Maid Service

Hiring a maid service may be a blast for the average homeowner, but maids that have been cleaning homes for years will tell you that there’s more to this type of work than meets the eye. Most clients are a pleasure to deal with and do respect maids, but there are still a few well-to-do clients out there that make it into urban legend for being some of the hardest-to-please customers. When a New York maid service shows up at your door with a smile and an armful of cleaning agents, please treat them with respect.maid service post card_full

Here are some of the ways that you can show some respect to your maid:

1. Don’t make a last minute cancellation when you’ve decided to go on vacation. Shockingly enough, many homeowners cancel their maid service appointments at the last possible moment without giving any thought to the consequences that their actions could have on the maid. The fact is, maids are cleaning houses for a living. Therefore, a last minute cancellation is going to eat into their livelihood. Show some common courtesy, and if you know you’re going to be out of town, call the maid service at least a week before to cancel.

2. Maids need a heads-up if you need them to show up at your doorstep, so please don’t think that you can hire them on the spot. Maid service nyc┬árun a tight ship, and the maids are constantly busy, therefore, if you need your house cleaned at a moment’s notice, there’s absolutely no guarantee that this can happen. However, if you need cleaning around the clock, hire a maid service full-time, and you won’t have any problems.

3. Before letting a maid into your home, understand that there are personal things that you should address yourself. Feces, urine, and blood shouldn’t be left in the bathroom for your maid to clean up. Remember, it’s your home, but for a stranger that doesn’t know you, leaving behind human waste can be a real turnoff. Also, don’t leave your unmentionables lying around the home as your maid may end up quitting and refusing to do any more work in your household. We all give maids credit for being miracle workers, and in some ways they are, but you should use some common decency when considering the things you want them to clean up.maid-service

4. Understand, which meanwhile organic cleaning products are all the rage, they won’t give you the same level of clean as chemical products will. Organic food is a good idea, so is recycling, but using products that have no cleaning power will not get your home clean. If you end up choosing to stick to organic cleaners, make sure that you understand that your hired maid service has no control over the outcomes.

5. If you’re a disorganized person by nature, there’s no way that a New York maid service can solve your problems for you. You’d be surprised how many homeowners think that an item was stolen by a maid, only to find out that it was simply placed in a different spot when their home was being cleaned. A maid can’t come up with a new system to organize your household, so if this is a problem for you, make sure to ask for additional help from someone else to get this sorted.

6. If you require a quality cleaning job, you need to be willing to pay for it. Most homeowners expect to be cheap, but also get a high-quality cleaning job in the process. Remember, cleaning house is hard work, so how much you pay will greatly influence the work that a maid can do on your property.

A maid service won’t solve all of your problems, but if you need your household cleaned because you’re short on time or energy, it’s a great solution. On the other hand, only hire a maid service if you’re comfortable with having someone else clean your property as many homeowners still choose to follow maids around to see what kind of a job they’re doing. Keep in mind; trust goes both ways, and you should only hire someone if you feel that the trust is there.

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